Spotlight on 2023 CNSC Film & TV Technology Exchange Show Highlights
May 15, 2024 • By PHEON LUX

On 16 September 2023, the Sixth General Meeting of the Chinese Society of Film and Television Cinematographers (CNSC) was successfully concluded 

in Beijing. 

During this conference, CNSC held a film and television technology exchange exhibition, aiming to provide a platform for professionals and technology 

manufacturers in the field of film and television technology toexchange and share ideas, strengthen cooperation and communication within the industry, 

and promote the development and innovation of film and television technology.


In this exhibition, Huiguan Culture Technology made a grand appearance with its full-colour matrix space light, full-colour air cushion light and new product

 Aurora Canopy (F350C). Successfully attracted the attention of many professional film and television practitioners.


During the event, the new product Aurora Canopy (F350C) became a highlight of the scene. The innovative design of high brightness white light 2700k-10000K 

continuously adjustable, and the whole 

light 3mX3m foldable, which meets the demand of film and television practitioners for convenient and easy-to-carry lighting equipment, successfully attracted the 

praise and discussion of many film and television practitioners.


At the same time, Huiguan was honoured to welcome Mr. Li Yiho of Flaming Mountain Culture Media Co., Ltd, one of the largest film and television equipment 

rental companies in China, to the venue 

for guidance. Mr Li Yiho, a photographer by trade, has always had in-depth research and unique insights into new products and technologies in the field of film 

and television photography, bringing valuable experience and expertise to Huiguan to guide us in the field of film and television technology.


At the end of the event, CNSC held a dinner raffle, for which Huiguan sponsored an L24C full-colour air cushion light, which successfully injected more new 

vitality into the atmosphere of the event.

During this event, Huiguan learnt from its experience in exchanges and positioned itself for innovative development in technical guidance. We hope that in 

the future, Huiguan will provide more newproducts and technological innovation solutions for the development of the film and television lighting industry.