Cine Gear La 2024 Comes to a Successful End
Jun 12, 2024 • By PHEON LUX

The two-day Cine Gear La 2024 exhibition in Los Angeles came to a successful end on 8 June. At this annual international event, 

Huiguan Culture Technology brought a number of heavyweight products on display, let's review the exciting content of Huiguan 

Culture Technology's booth S4405 together!


Our booth was designed to be ‘intuitively attractive’. At the entrance of the booth was our heavyweight film and video light fixture, 

the Aurora Canopy F350C, which quickly attracted many attendees with its large format design and high-quality coloured light performance.


Our newly launched Pixel series of inflatable lights not only became the focus of attention on the spot with its lightweight characteristics, 

but also added a certain fun effect to the event by linking multiple inflatable lights on the spot to demonstrate their characteristic pixel effects.


The full-colour matrix space light next to the inflatable light is a classic product of Huiguan Culture Technology, which gained a certain 

amount of attention and love on the spot by virtue of its stable high-brightness performance and flexible single-light control.


At the same time, our booth was honoured to welcome the visit of Zhao Xiaoding, Vice President of the China Film and Television 

Photographers Association.

Zhao Xiaoding is a famous director and cinematographer in Mainland China, whose representative works include Hero, Ambush on 

Ten Sides, The Thirteen Haircuts of the Golden Horse, Three Lives and Ten Peach Blossoms, etc. He has won the Best Cinematography 

of the 34th and 35th Golden Rooster Awards of Chinese Cinema for his work on Above the Cliff and Sniper.


After a year, we are honoured to meet with old and new friends at Cine Gear 2024, thank you for your presence, guidance and trust, 

Huiguan Culture Technology will continue to be committed to research and development of better products, practical customer needs, 

and bring you a new and better experience!