Industry exchanges do not break up, and look forward to the future to walk together again!
May 15, 2024 • By PHEON LUX

Introduction: HGCT debuted at Broadcast Asia, the largest broadcasting industry event in Asia, and gained a lot from the four-day event, not only successfully 

displaying the company's image and strength, but also making more new friends in the exchange!


On 9 June 2023, the Broadcasting Asia Exhibition in Singapore came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition, Huiguan Culture Technology and partner 

LIGHTBANK to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition of space light series products and inflatable light series products successfully attracted a large 

number of professionals, let us review the exhibition wonderful scene!


Let's review the wonderful scene of the exhibition! On the scene of the exhibition, the team of Huiguan Culture Technology answered the questions of every 

user seriously and listened carefully to the needs of every user, winning 

great praise from the users!


According to the feedback from the team at the exhibition site, the space light series products brought by HGCT attracted the attention of many users in the 

industry with its soft tube surface design and ultra-high colour rendering, etc. The on-site consultation and experience was endless, and a lot of users expressed 

the intention of in-depth communication.


The exhibition ended successfully, we would like to thank all old and new friends for their support and love to Huiguan Culture and Technology, and look 

forward to our next meeting!